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Click Here To Visit Mega World is a leading manufacturer and distributor of premium 4×4 and camping accessories in South Africa. We have a wide national footprint of 12 branches, 13 franchises and numerous distributors.

Air Spring Supply Company

Click Here To Visit forty years of experience in the air suspension industry, the Air Spring Supply Company has developed into the leading supplier of air springs and air accessory products in Southern Africa. We offer a diverse range of specialised products for a complete range of vehicles and applications, including recreational vehicles, commercial vehicles, trucks, trailers, buses, agricultural vehicles and mining applications. We work with leading brands in our industry to provide products to our broad spectrum of clients that meets the unique needs of their industry or intended usage. This ensures that all our offers are distinguished by quality, reliability and exceptional value for money.

Ace Braai

Click Here To Visit are the go to provider for all things braai in South Africa.

Bags 4 U

Click Here To Visit 2 June 2006, we bought the bags factory. Our products are well known at Outdoor Expo’s and various Markets. Bags for customers are supplied nationwide and our first "exports" have been to CAR, Canada, Uganda and Germany. BAGS-4- U manufactures high quality Polyteen bags for schools, businesses, individuals, for outdoor activities, gifts, medical profession, corporate and sport institutions. Quality distinguish our products from less expensive imported products. We develop and design new bags ourselves and makes it to suit you!

Bev-Tent | REB Marketing

Click Here To Visit manufacture a large range of fittings for keelboats, sailing dinghies, power boats, semi-ridged inflatables, canoes and kayaks. We recently started manufacturing plastic and stainless steel fittings for tents, trailers, caravans and campers. All our plastic fittings are manufactured from the highest quality Nylons, Acetyl resins, A.B.S. and various other plastic materials. We only use 316 Stainless Steel and various non-ferrous metals for the metal fittings.

Big Country products

Click Here To Visit“Big Country started out as a company primarily focused on vehicle accessories for Land Rover Defenders. We have since expanded to a more diverse range of overlanding accessories for a wider variety of vehicles.”

Bourbon Eyewear

Click Here To Visit Eyewear Polarized Sunglasses are made from light-weight TR-90 material for the frames. The TR-90 material used for the frames are very flexible, meaning they can bend under pressure and are highly durable. Bourbon Eyewear Polarized Sunglasses have polarized lenses that prevent glare. Protect from UV-rays, both UVA and UVB, and improve your vision and safety in the sun. This coating minimizes glare and reflection bouncing off the surface of the lens. When glare and reflection are minimized, more of the light that you need to see makes it to your eyes so you can enjoy active sports on a bight. sunny day without compromising your vision. The lightweight frame of our sunglasses combined with their polarized and anti-reflective nature makes Bourbon's sunglasses not only functional, but extremely comfortable as well.


Click Here To Visit Byrna Launcher is an incredibly powerful and effective less-lethal self-defence device that can be taken virtually anywhere. Powered by compressed CO2, the Byrna Launcher shoots .68 caliber round kinetic and chemical irritant projectiles that can incapacitate a threat from up to 20-meters away.

Camp Master

Click Here To Visit MASTER is the reliable authentic South African outdoor and camping brand. Our product range includes tents, camping furniture (chair, table and storage), trailers, sleeping bags, coolers, fridges, clothing and accessories. CAMP MASTER. Adventure by Design.

CGear | Sand free life

Click Here To Visit Multimat was originally designed as a deployable helimat to eliminate dirt, dust and debris from being kicked up by the helicopters rotors when landing. The product was so successful that we applied it to camping. The Multimat is constructed with internationally patented multi-layered knitted technology. Using our technology, it allows sand and dirt to simply fall through the mat, returning to the ground underneath and not coming back up through the mat. It is designed for a wide variety of outdoor activities.

Camping Supplies

Click Here To Visit on holiday this December ,going camping ad this unique product to your camping arsenal. If you are going to camp at the coast you must have this to keep the wind out .Don't like monkeys steeling your food from under your tent don't like rain water coming in and don't even mention the creepy crawlies .get this product now. Tent Flap Weights, Set consists of 2x2 meter and 1x1 meter =5 meter in total length + canvas carry bag. Just fill with water lay down on your tent flaps .Stop creepy crawlies snakes monkeys wind and rain water coming into your tent . This product can also be used on outdoor blinds on your patio to keep the rain and wind out You can also check my ad on caravan sa. Free delivery in Pretoria We can also courier any where in South Africa. Tent Flap Weights now available at Tuinroete Caravans in Mossel Bay and Camplife Waterkloof Ridge Contact me today1 day special for the 11 /12 2023 only You can contact me at Contact Andre 0834841838


Click Here To Visit, your BBQ companion on the patio, balcony, garden, caravan site, picnic area or beach. Cadac has been in business for almost 70 years and is known for product quality and innovation. We have the widest range of products and have won international awards for product innovation and excellence over the years. We design and manufacture products that maximise the enjoyment of the BBQ experience with family and friends. You can create exciting dishes on our BBQs, which is something else that sets us on fire; ‘barbequing’ or ‘braaiing’ as we call it in Cadac, is not just about grilling a hamburger, it is the experience of being able to create delicious and interesting meals. With our many cooking tops, we offer unparalleled versatility. From grilling, to baking, boiling, slow cooking, argentine grilling, paella-pan cooking, teppanyaki-style cooking, oven-style cooking and roasting, to what the Spanish love as ‘Plancha’ grilling. So, welcome to the world of Cadac and come “Live the Braai Life” with us.

CJ Aircons

Click Here To Visit over 13 years’ experience, Jacques know all makes of Caravan models by heart and can provide professional service and installations at your premises . Our Clients and back up service is our main focus and a priority. Our client mean the world and must always be treated like kings. “Happy client - happy Jacques and Cindy”. Our installations are pure perfection and quality proven. Cindy also comes out of the Caravan industry and that’s why our team is so powerfull! You most probably have seen our company sticker on a lot of compressor unit in a caravan nose-compartments at a camp site – have a good look and you will see thousands of them! We fully understand the Caravan Industry together with the demand and needs of a camper. We are campers ourselves and love the outdoor life. We are the proud owners of our own 97 Gypsey Raven with our own Aircon in it – What a pleasure! We have heat when it’s cold and cold when it’s too hot to handle!

Camp & Climb

Click Here To Visit And Climb (formerly Canvas Workers est. 1925) opened our first retail store in the 1970’s. Over the past decades, we have proudly supplied quality gear for all type of outdoor endeavors from camping trips to mountain expeditions and more… We continue this tradition today as one of the premier camping equipment and tent suppliers in South Africa: At Camp And Climb you will find great quality gear at great prices, including many exclusive lines. So whether you are planning a short hike, a weekend at the river – or even heading to the mountains – Camp And Climb has the gear and expertise to get you going. Enjoy the great outdoors with camping equipment and hiking gear from Camp and Climb. Our stores offer a complete selection of 4×4, climbing, hiking, camping equipment and supplies – All the equipment you need to venture out into the wilderness.


Click Here To Visit started it’s humble beginnings back in 2018, with Riana’s background in fashion design and Stephan being a Professional Hunter and outdoor enthusiast. It was only a matter of time before this power house couple set out and designed the ultimate in luxury but still rugged CoolBag. Designed to not only work perfectly in keeping your food and drinks cold, but looking beautiful doing it. Made from strong and durable material with 12mm thick insulation our Coolbag can keep ice for up to 24 Hours, and by this keeping everything in it cold. What started as a pet project quickly escalated into a full range of highly desirable: Wine coolers “The Moremi” Coolbags “The Safari” Coolbox bags “Savuti” And Our Legendary Fish Bags “The Bag that started it all” and custom made to order bags (for the customer that needs a little something extra from his OR her Coolbag) With our bags being so “sexy”, if we do say so ourselves, it was only a short hop into our “Coolbag For Her” handbag range!

Craft Braai Bag

Click Here To Visit https://www.craftbraai.orgThe craft braai bag™ is about to change the way you braai. Treat your guests to a whole new world of fire and smoke infused foods by preparing flambé peaches, pineapple, wood fired pizza, meats, teriyaki prawns, grilled watermelon, vegetables, buttered corn kernels and even popcorn in the revolutionary craft braai bag™. Dream it, Craft it, Braai it.


Click Here To Visit your surfboard, hiking gear, climbing ropes, tent and about everything else out of the weather and organised is what DECKED Africa is all about. You can chuck in everything you need for that epic journey or weekend warrior escape neatly and out of the way. With a 100 kg per drawer load rating and a 1 ton payload capacity on the deck, DECKED Bakkie cargo boxes can take about everything you can throw at it. Storage dividers and tray accessories allow for fully customisable organisation in the bed of your ute for all the gear you need to throw at mother nature.


Click Here To Visit Dometic product range for the RV, Automotive and Retail business includes climate products ranging from air conditioners, awnings, ventilation solutions to doors, windows and blinds. It also includes safety and security products as well as sanitation cleaning solutions and spare parts for this range.

Energy Independence

Click Here To Visit to Energy Independence, where our dedication lies in delivering sustainable energy solutions for everyone. Founded by Neil and Ingrid Botes in February 2021, our company is fuelled by a shared passion for sustainable energy solutions. Neil oversees the technical and installation teams, ensuring our back-up power and solar solutions are cutting-edge and seamlessly integrated. Ingrid manages day-to-day administration and leads the marketing efforts, contributing to our commitment to accessibility and innovation in sustainable energy. Customer satisfaction is paramount in our service commitment. We take pride in maintaining an impressive average 5-star rating on Hello Peter and Google, a testament to the positive experiences of our valued clients. Our mission at Energy Independence is clear – to provide reliable and efficient power solutions, empowering individuals and businesses. Committed to upholding high industry standards, we are proud to hold the SAPVIA and PV Green Card accreditation ensuring that all installations are top quality.


Click Here To Visit searches the globe internationally and locally to find the most innovative, high-quality products to make your life as comfortable and convenient as possible. We are proud of the fact that we import directly – we supply the stores – and in this way can guarantee you the best prices for the best quality.

ewiks Caravan Mover

Click Here To Visit have been operating in the South African market for over the past 7 years. With a locally developed product, to suit the South African market. Our units are approved by Jurgens CI Caravans and fit a wide range of their caravans. Everything post-2000, with a few pre-2000 exceptions. Whether you are a DIY enthusiast or require a fitment center, we have a Caravan Mover for you. Ewiks Caravan Mover allow's you to single-handedly move your caravan, big or small by effortlessly operating only 2 switches. Our units are powered by your existing caravan battery, [ don't worry if you don't have one, we can install a battery and charger for you]. They are permanently fitted, so as to be available whenever you require it. Offering you "Power with control" to move your Caravan without strain over short distances, in and out of tight spaces.


Click Here To Visit FIAMMA and a new world will be ready for you: bike carriers, awnings, first-class accessories, everything gets simpler and more efficient with Fiamma. Fiamma is the leading company for Motorhome fans and for the outdoor lifestyle. You can trust the quality and depend on service tat Fiamma has established over the last 60 years, producing outstanding precision engineered RV accessories. The Fiamma trademark is a guarantee for quality and Fiamma is ISO 9001 certified. You are in good hands because Fiamma offers you only reliable and safe products, that give you many years of dependability. This is why Fiamma is the leading brand recommended by industry experts. Choose Fiamma products with confidence and your outdoor lifestyle will be more comfortable! Fiamma's range of products is imported and distributed for the Southern African region by Motorhome-World. Enjoy your holidays!


Click Here To Visit people wherever they are, since 2005. Flexopower is a South African company offering portable power stations and foldable solar panels. Perfect for camping, overlanding, home office, off grid work and on the go. Convenient, mobile, powerful.

Green Fire Eco Firelighters

Click Here To Visit unique properties of our green firelighter is lack of odour, non toxic, being readily biodegradable are sought after for environmentally conscious people. We added a dash of fun with the bright colours ready for any occasion. The container is one of the key features because it seals tightly and can be stored any place. Our firelighter must reach a certain temperature before it will ignite. Because it has a wax base it can be stored without the fear of loosing its ability to ignite. It burns warmer and thus the reason to use less of our unique product. To give a practical corporate gift is one of the best ways of sending a message to anyone. It is the best way of creating a conversation on a social basis in a relaxed environment about your product or service. This is also a innovative way to upsell to your clients.


Click Here To Visit make products that are engineered on the inside for life on the outside. We do this so our customers can make the most of the time they spend pursuing their passions. With more than 19,000 associates in 80 offices around the world, we bring GPS navigation and wearable technology to the automotive, aviation, marine, outdoor and fitness markets. We think every day is an opportunity to innovate and a chance to beat yesterday.

Homeline Direct

Click Here To Visit are importers and distributors of fine quality household products. Our Products include world famous bamix of Switzerland food blenders ideal for soups and smoothies, the Eezilock bag sealers used for airtight food storage with the Eezilock sealing rods, the Eezi-Iron deluxe ironing board covers, the EeziSeal suction lids the ideal covers for all food containers, and the FatMat. Our bamix range of hand blenders offer quality and versatility like no other hand blender on the market. We have a bamix for everyone, our range includes the Mono, ToGo, SwissLine, BBQ, Gastro 350, and bamix Baby. Each bamix blender can use any of our accessories including the SliceSy, Processor, Aerating Blade, Mincer Blade, Chopping Blade, Whisk, and Cutting Blade.


Click Here To Visit adventures start with “What if…?” What began with the Park family’s cross-country camping trip in the U.S. grew into a huge Kickstarter campaign and iKamper Nation, a community of adventure seekers in 40+ countries. 3 Red Dot Design Awards and counting… Our roof top tents elevate camping. Let the amateurs fuss with pup tents while you drive up, set up in 60 seconds, and sleep up in a king-size loft.


Click Here To Visit https://king-caps.netSino Hitec Trading is a company that was established in 1993 and has been based in Sunny Rock for over 22 years. However, the company has since moved to Linbro Business Park, which is located in Sandton. With a solid client base and a wide range of experience in the manufacture of quality headwear, Sino Hitec Trading has established itself as a reputable company in the industry. The company’s dedication to producing high-quality headwear has made it a preferred choice for many customers, and its years of experience have allowed it to hone its craft and offer top-notch products.

Lumeno LED

Click Here To Visit more than 30 years in the industry we have managed to source high quality products from Germany, Korea, China and Australia and some of our products are manufactured locally and hold the Proudly South African status. We specialise in LED Lights, spot lights, light bars, LED accessories, battery powered lights and vehicle accessories. We are the sole distributor of Maxtrax. Our products are available throughout South Africa, Namibia, Swaziland and Zimbabwe.

Leisure World SA

Click Here To Visit World SA is Southern Africa’s premium business supplier of caravan parts, accessories and caravan components. Kindly note that we are a business to business enterprise for Caravan and trailer parts, accessories and equipment pertaining to the caravan, 4×4 and camping industry. Although we do not sell parts directly to the public, we do have a list of accredited and certified dealerships situated across the country that will Glady assist you. If your desire is to order parts for personal or independent use, please visit our dealership locations to enquire about any of the products that you see listed on our website.

The Lap Desk

Click Here To Visit LAP DESK is strategically designed to take your working environment with you in comfort and style. Working remotely is more important than ever before, THE LAP DESKS are created to eliminate discomfort while working on your lap. This lightweight LAPDESK is ideal for working in bed, on the couch, in the car, while flying or where ever you want to. It doesn’t stop there, use your LAPDESK for watching movies in bed, drawing, painting, TV-dinners or eating around the camp fire!


Click Here To Visit take pride in being one of the largest national suppliers of aftermarket components for over 50 years in the South African market. McNaughtan’s is an International company with branches in Australia that distributes our range of products in Australia and across the world. We purchase our products from all around the world, but the business has established exceptionally strong links in China where we have set up representative offices and factories. All of our International suppliers are visited and carefully vetted, and to keep abreast of new and improved products and to ensure market competitiveness, McNaughtan’s management annually attends all relevant major automotive shows in Europe, Turkey, the Far East and South America.


Click Here To Visit https://meelbroeke.comUnisex meelbroeke in verskeie stunning kleure. Verskeie groottes. Dungarees kinderrokkies, , supas-,

Maclaren Airconditioning

Click Here To Visit 2002 after intensive testing and research,Maclaren air-conditioning was formed. Since then we have developed the product and brand to be one of quality and innovation. The new generation console and caravan air-conditioning is the latest in Italian design and technology, meeting the needs of the new generation consumer.Maclaren as a brand is growing from strength to strength.Maclaren specialises in the underbench and slimline roof top units for caravans and campers. Also added to our range is the Rhino Bag Mate Roof bag for extra luggage space. Visit us at stand G10 for more information.

Mobi G

Click Here To Visit G Industries (Pty) Ltd (“MGI”) was established in 2018 as a sister company to Mobi-Lodge (Pty) Ltd, an award winning offroad caravan manufacturer that is currently the second largest producer of offroad caravans in South Africa. The concept of designing and building a golf cart like no other was conceived two years ago by Ian Theron and Marius Ras. Over the past two years, they have completed an intensive program of research and development. Available products in the market were thoroughly analysed in every detail with a view to improve quality, functionality and ultimate design.

Maxcons Max-Peg 10 YEARS STRONG!

Click Here To Visit“Maxcons is vanjaar 10 jaar oud en het eksponesiëel gegroei vanaf die eerste jaar, deur puik dienslewering en kwaliteit produkte te vervaardig en bemark. ”The Maxcons Max-Peg was designed out of frustration with traditional tent pegs. Our founder, Connie Kruger, had a run-in with a traditional tent peg in hard bushveld soil and he spent the rest of his weekend inventing a tent peg that would be easy to drive into hard ground and did not need to be tight in the ground to be effective. Max-Pegs would need to accommodate gusting winds in all directions without allowing the tent poles to become dislodged and the tent to blow away. Maxcons TM understands that wind and camping go hand in hand, not exactly a match made in heaven. Your holiday could be ruined by unpredictable winds blowing your tent over and you have to cling to tent poles to protect your tent and everything in it. Our innovative camping products ensure that your camping experience is a positive one.

Mystical Fire

Click Here To Visit Fire is a fire novelty item that will add excitement by providing colorful flames for any wood burning fire. It’s the best campfire novelty product on the market today and you’ll be amazed by the vibrant colors produced. The colorful flames of this campfire novelty turn from red to blue to green to violet and can provide hours of entertainment for the whole family. It’s very simple to use Mystical Fire. Simply, toss 1-3 (unopened) packets into any wood burning fire. Then sit back and enjoy the new vibrant colors that Mystical Fire will produce. For best results, use 3 packs at once. Add more packs as you notice the colorful flames disappearing. 3 packs should last about 60-120 minutes, dependent on fire conditions.


Click Here To Visit https://www.madkon.comIn 2013 when I sold my business , a friend asked me to fix one of his braais. We share the passion for adventure, camping and overlanding and wanted a braai that is collapsible, durable, pre-assembled and saves space. I put my thinking cap on and at the end of 2013 MadKon Braais were born and patented in Feb 2014. It is not easy to get a name for your business, I designed the braai and my wife is my supporter, motivator and inspiration! That is how we decided on the name MadKon - Madri (my wife) and Konrad (myself). ​ In Aug 2014 we did our first expo, we were very nervous and were not sure if this is the right product for the market. We were pleasantly surprised with the sales and then we knew we had a winner. We only had the MadKon 600S and MadKon Ammobox braai. We have developed it further where it is at the moment and numerous accessories were added to compliment the MadKon braais. ​ Currently the braais are available in USA, UK, Australia, Namibia, UAE and more countries to follow. ​ ​ MadKon braais are a Proudly Premium South African Product that turns your outdoor occasions into memorable moments.

Opposite Lock

Click Here To Visit Lock was established some 40 years ago. Originally an Australian chain specialising in 4WD drive accessories started by genuine 4WD enthusiasts. Having such a premium product it was not long before Opposite Lock expanded from the shores of Australia into South Africa. Opposite Lock Africa offers the level of service and quality expected of the Opposite Lock brand. We offer a range of products catering to the off-road performance every 4×4 enthusiast looks for when considering vehicle practicality and appearance. Whatever you drive we have the best premium solution for your off-road requirements. Opposite Lock Africa specializes in distributing premium quality brands throughout our network of over 500 stores, this includes Botswana, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Zambia and Mozambique.

Pedders 4WD Suspension and Brakes - South-Africa

Click Here To Visit The Ride That's Right For You! We are leaders in undercar parts and car suspension, with an extensive range to suit your vehicle. Our extensive range includes replacement and upgrade parts such as: Shock Absorbers, Suspension, Brakes, Steering, Alignment

Pioneer Plastics

Click Here To Visit manufacture a wide range of cooler boxes at Pioneer Plastics. Our cooler boxes are an excellent choice for picnics, overlanding, and camping. They'll keep your ice frozen for up to four days since they are insulated with polyurethane. Complete with sturdy moulded-in handles, they are available in 50L, 60L and 360L with various colours and branding options.


Click Here To Visit design & manufacture beautiful caravan accessories that work in the real world. PurpleSA are a leading manufacturer of accessories for caravans and recreational vehicles. PurpleSA’s portfolio of innovative products includes Caravan Movers, Caravan Technology Devices and Caravan Lifting & Levelling aids.


Click Here To Visit Products for your Motorhomes, Caravans and 4x4s

Piet-my-Vrou Vellies & Vere

Click Here To Visit, durable leather vellies to wear everyday AND don't forget about our beautiful clothing.


Click Here To Visit is RubbeRite’s policy to provide a rubber Solution – Quality products, which are economically viable, at the right time, every time. RubbeRite pledges stringent control over service, quality and delivery. Since its inception in 1997, RubbeRite has grown and developed into one of South Africa’s largest retail networks specializing in the sale of rubber-based products such as extrusions, flocking profiles, extrusions, auto-motive parts, rubber profiles, mouldings, rubber and sealing kits, rubber insertions, grommets and more. Our current client base is distributed across South Africa, with focal points in Johannesburg, Pretoria and Durban. with our increased capacity and premium quality products we have the bandwidth to expand our supply and reach across national borders to standards of our market’s demands, seeing as our digital migration renders us accessible to any and all.


Click Here To Visit is calling, adventures with motorhome and caravan are waiting. Caravaning is not simply a way to spend your holidays. For Reich, caravaning is not something usual but something extraordinary. It is the freedom of living the dream of independence and discovering the world. Caravaning is a lifestyle and a pleasure. That is why in the Reich factory, we continue to look for creative solutions to make that freedom more comfortable while paying attention to the details. For despite all the technology, humans are always responsible for the quality. Our ideas make caravaning easier, safer and simply better. So that you can enjoy your freedom while on tour and discover the world with delightful ease.


Click Here To Visit is a trailer, caravan, outdoor and automotive component company, which specializes in all the trailer components that you can think of - We’ve got it for you...your one stop professional trailer shop! Roadque is a distributor of the well known international company Al-Ko. Roadque is also the proud manufacturer of and offers the best prices on chevrons, mud guards and also distributes large quantities of reflective tape for the industry. We are committed to produce and supply the highest quality products available in the marketplace. Our vision is to become the largest household name to the trailer manufacturing and component market in South Africa. Our professional sales team can assist with quotations and technical advice to manufacture a complete trailer as well as advice on specialized components to our customer’s needs.

Rhino 4X4 products

Click Here To Visit have been the sole distributors of the Rhino 4X4 products in Africa since 2013 and are proud to be part of the Rhino 4X4™ family. Our vision is to give our customers innovative designs, quality products and accessories with great service.


Click Here To Visit https://www.stedilens.comA super simple and effective way to stabilize your camera, cellphone and heavy telephoto lens. Track any action with gimbal like movement.Camera, Cellphone and Telephoto Lens Stabilizer StediLens Base Use on any flat surface, beanbag, tripod or monopod StediLens Window Fits on any vehicle window


Click Here To Visit Spilpak dispenser is a splash-proof holder that protects the paper towel from moisture and dust. The unique ratchet system allows for portion control to the length of paper required for each use and the wall mount bracket enables the dispenser to be mounted either vertically or horizontally, or be portable so that it can be moved to any area where the paper wipe is required. Spilpak is a highly absorbent 2 ply paper towel that can be used in a number of applications and for numerous functions. The DESL technology used to manufacture Spilpak makes this product one of the strongest most absorbent paper towels and wiping solutions available in the market today. FSC certification ensures that Spilpak conforms to internationally recognized environmental standards, and has been the tried & trusted choice of professionals in the South African away-from-home market for more than 10 years.

Separett Waterless Toilets

Click Here To Visit toilets. Which toilet solution? There is much to consider when choosing a toilet solution. The local council’s regulations The local council has regulations relating to the treatment of latrines, urine and urine-mixed wastewater from toilets. The regulations can vary between councils, depending on local environmental conditions. Regulations concerning latrines are aimed at possible disease-spreading bacteria not being spread outside the toilet or latrine compost. The regulations therefore contain requirements for the bottom to be sealed and for material not to be spread out until a year after the last filling has taken place. Urine may, as a rule, be spread over growing vegetation on one’s own site, but there are councils that do not allow urine to be spread. Certain councils require the site to be of a certain size for urine to be able to be spread. Contact the environmental and health protection administration, or its equivalent, at the council where the toilet solution is to be used, so that you choose an alternative that the council can accept. Many councils post their regulations on their homepages. It is the council’s environmental board which determines what you can and cannot do. When the council adopts a position regarding your application to install a new toilet solution, their points of departure are that the solution:


Click Here To Visit https://snowva.comThe Snowva Ultimate Ice Tray


Click Here To Visit world-renowned range of portable fridges and freezers are the preferred companion of South African outdoor adventurer’s. Built to withstand the demands of camping, off-road and long-distance travel, the SnoMaster® range of portable Fridge/Freezers offers the quality, reliability and no-fuss operation you can depend on to make you feel at home anywhere.

Stone Hill Manufacturing

Click Here To Visit are proud to say that we are a 100% local manufacturer of a range of superior quality, hand crafted products for motor vehicles (4WD, Bakkies and SUV’s) at an extremely competitive price. Some of the brands we cover include popular choices such as Toyota, Ford, Nissan, Volkswagen, Mahindra, GWM, Suzuki and Isuzu. We perfected making a hard-wearing seat cover that can handle South Africa’s rough conditions. All our products that leave our facility are of the highest quality and standard in the market. We have so much faith in our products, that we offer a 5 year warranty. By using tailor-fit Stone Hill Seat Covers on your vehicle, you not only ensure that your original seats remain in pristine condition and are protected from wear, tear, spills, dirt, dust and sand, you will also experience a more comfortable drive with a seat cover that does not bunch up, slip or feel uncomfortable.

Square | Stackable square cookware

Click Here To Visit https://www.square-cookware.comLeading stackable square cookware especially designed for the camping and overlanding market. The pots stack into each other saving space, the handle detaches and all packs away into a handy heavy duty carry bag. Its durability ensures that you can cook on any source of heat, from fire to induction.


Click Here To Visit you intend to travel in Africa you have come to the right place. We offer great GPS maps that will navigate you from Cape Town to Cairo. Our map of Africa reflects where people travel and is packed with detail for the self drive traveller. It covers many aspects like where to stay, eat, shopping, fuel, money matters, emergencies and obviously what to see and do when you visit a place. View our online map of Africa to see what level of detail we offer on our GPS maps. Our website contains loads of information on the places you see on our maps. If you are looking for camp site or accommodation in Africa, then simply browse our maps or search the website. In addition to our GPS maps we have recently started to produce paper maps for selected countries in Africa. We currently have a Namibia map, a Botswana map and a map covering Mozambique and Malawi. Our Garmin compatible GPS maps are great for trip planning when used on your PC. You can set up planned routes and calculate how long it would take to reach a destination. Then browse the maps to see where you can sleep, fill up with fuel or buy stuff.

Takla Products

Click Here To Visit Takla Products we manufacture and distribute quality four-wheel drive vehicle accessories. Modern trends in 4x4 design has resulted in interiors that comprise of soft fabrics and luxury finishes. These plush interiors are inconsistent with the outdoor lifestyle orientation of the vehicle, hence the unprecedented popularity in protective covers. In protecting these plush interiors our products offer, improved comfort, practicality and resale value. Established in 1996 Takla Products is currently distributed by over 600 retailers in Southern Africa and supplied as approved accessories by many motor manufacturers.

Trailer Sol | Adventure X

Click Here To Visit https://www.trailersol.comAt Trailer Sol we develop solutions that empower our customers. Our sustainable energy solutions are progressive and focused on the transport and recreation industry where there is a need for cost-effective, renewable energy. We design custom solutions for real challenges within these industries, saving our customers money and energy.

Tiger Wheel & Tyre

Click Here To Visit Wheel & Tyre is committed to providing consumers with unparalleled expertise, world-class fitment services, and a wide variety of products from leading, premium brands in wheels, tyres, batteries and accessories – all at affordable prices.

Trailer Wurm

Click Here To Visit Trailer Wurm is a patented all-weather high tensile, stainless steel spring, designed to protect the electrical cable of any trailer, caravan or boat trailer. Electrical cable slides through the spring cavity and protect against doggy bites. Easy DIY connection to trailer chassis and electrical male plug.


Click Here To Visit https://torchsa.comTorch SA, a global premium flashlight manufacturer, is proud to introduce a new, defensive take on the popular M18 Maverick. The M18 Striker uses the same compact form of the Maverick, but features a simplified user interface, instant access to 800 lumens, and aggressive bezel for a last-resort defensive tool.


Click Here To Visit us at Thule Group, everything is about making it easy to live an active life. Our motto, "Active Life, Simplified." captures the ambition of how we develop products so that those who buy them can live an active life a little easier, how we as employees want to live our own lives and what feeling we want our customers to have when they do business with us.


Click Here To Visit Thetford we have a passion for camping and travelling, no matter whether this is by caravan or motor home, camping in tents or enjoying a leisurely holiday on a boat. Thetford has been preaching and guaranteeing carefree holidays now for more than 40 years. Thetford is the world market leader in mobile sanitary systems, refrigerators, cooking equipment and toilet additives for a good reason. Thetford are developing continuously, both through internal innovation and by take-overs. Internal expertise is the prime concern.


Click Here To Visit is a well-established holdings company of various brands and businesses which continues to grow and prosper each day. THRSA are proud to have obtained distribution rights for the Motorhome, RV and Caravan accessories division for a well-recognized and trusted product, namely THULE which originates from Sweden and was established in 1942. THULE products are of superior quality and are sure to satisfy each client’s needs with their diverse range of product


Click Here To Visit Hassle-Free Towing with the Revolutionary TrailSnap Magnetic Trailer Plugs. No more loose connections, faulty plugs or broken connectors. TrailSnap Magnetic Plugs are easy to use, reliable and durable. Don't Delay, Get Yours Today!

Ultimate Bush Adventurer

Click Here To Visit (Ultimate Bush Adventurer) was birthed from over 30 years of collective overlanding and 4x4 experience between friends. And it all started around a camp fire in the Kruger National Park. Ideas of innovative products flowed like smooth red wine, and the next thing, UBA was a reality. A strong focus on practical, innovative, well manufactured products is key to the UBA brand and ethos. Each product has been well-thought-out and exists because of real need scenarios. Surrounded by like minded people with the desire to see UBA succeed, we are well positioned to be a market leader in the overlanding and camping world. Selected international products have been imported to form part of the amazing UBA range. These items have been thoroughly tested to ensure that they adhere to UBA’s quality and design criteria. Born and bred in South Africa, the Ultimate Bush Adventurer lives.

Victron Energy

Click Here To Visit specialise in the distribution of Victron Energy products (Service partner), National Energy keeps an extensive range of Victron Automotive Products manufactured with the highest quality standards. We supply solar solutions to the Commercial, Industrial, Residential, Automotive and Marine markets. We offer completely tailored solutions that suit our customer’s needs and their level of investment. Our recommendations are based on a thorough understanding of renewable energy and our products. (Free energy is the future).

Vermont Sales

Click Here To Visit once mentioned that bigger is not always better …. But, sometimes it is! Vermont Sales has been the little company that grew – started on Roland Hunt’s dining room table in 1985, with the first order fitting into a car boot. Today, more 35 Years later, Vermont Sales is a major player in the hardware and tool industry. Once referred to as a Do-It-Yourself market player now being one of the largest suppliers of solutions to the Industrial Trade offering more than 25000 different line items from over sixty (60) sought after international brands. Front entrance The Vermont Sales premises now covers 5500sqm with three offices levels and warehouse floor space of 4300sqm. Fronting onto the old Johannesburg Road in Corporate Park South, Midrand, this impressive building is proving to be a landmark in the area

Wild Dog 4X4

Click Here To Visit Duty Recovery Gear

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